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German Country Club Jhb

Club Terms and Conditions

The German Country Club

Deutscher Turn und Sport Verein (DTSV)

Club Regulations

The German Country Club (GCC) Rules & Regulations are intended to enhance the mutual enjoyment of the Club for Members, their families and guests. Members are asked to observe the spirit and intent of these Club Rules at all times and to ensure that family members and guests follow the same rules as well.

GCC Rules & Regulations are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Club Executive Committee.

A. Conduct of Members
All Members shall behave in a considerate manner towards other Members and Club staff. Any misconduct of a Member shall be deemed to be a serious breach of the Club Rules and may be cause for termination of Membership (this is at the discretion of the Committee).

B. Suggestions and Comments
Members may put forward suggestions and comments via an email to ; or via the Club website or by writing to the attention of the Committee.

C. Club Staff
No Member or guest shall reprimand or in any way punish employees directly. Use of abusive language to any Club employee will not be tolerated.
D. Security & Safety Tips
No members, member's child or guests should at any time take any actions that endanger the safety and/on health of other members, guests and GCC staff.
No toys that endanger the safety of others (such as BB guns etc.) are allowed on GCC premises.

E. Children
The safety, welfare and behaviour of children in the Club are entirely (and at all times) the responsibility of their parents or designated adult Member. The activities of children under 8 years of age must always be supervised at the Club by a parent or designated adult Member.
The Club welcomes children to maximize their enjoyment. The Club requests Parents to be considerate towards other members in the extent of noise and shouting that their children engage in.

F. Smoking
Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the Clubhouse except the ONE outside verandas above the centre court. The use of any kind of drugs is strictly prohibited within Club premises.
G. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption is only permitted for persons aged 18 and above.
H. Food and Beverage
Members are not permitted to bring food and beverages into the Clubhouse and the terraces when the Club facilities and catering are open. Only food and beverages purchased from the Club may be consumed in the Club premises.
However, on days that the kitchen and bar are closed, members are allowed to provide their own food and beverages

I. Pets/Animals
No pets/animals shall be brought into the Club premises at any time.  Guide dogs will be permitted.
J. Car Parking
Cars, motorcycles and cycles must be parked within the designated parking areas at the Clubhouse, save where alternative arrangements have been made by the Club Management.
K. Liability of the Club
Neither the Club Manager nor any Member of any Committee or staff shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for (any Member or to any other person) any personal injury, damage, loss or theft of property occurring in or about GCC premises. All Members, for themselves and on behalf of their families and guests, shall be deemed to have waived any and all claims, past, present and future, against German Country Club for any such damage, loss or theft by acceptance of the Membership granted to them by German Country Club.
L. Club Property
Members are required to respect Club property and the Club's environment. Members are responsible for paying for any damage caused by family members or guests to any Club property.
M. Restricted Areas
No person other than designated staff is permitted in kitchens and other 'Staff Only' rooms or areas of the Club.
N. Overdue Account
Overdue accounts of 60 days or more may cause the credit facility to be temporarily suspended and access to be denied to the member until settled.

Membership Eligibility
• Individual Memberships are available to all individuals of any age that are of good character. GCC Memberships are listed in the name of the individual and entitle the individual, use of the Club's facilities and services consistent with the Terms and Conditions as stated at the Membership Application Form.

• Member and Corporate Nominee (if applicable) agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Club as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Application Form, as they may be amended from time to time.
• Club Membership Registration Fees/Monthly Dues may be reasonably changed at any time with notice and at the sole discretion of Club Management. All paid Club Membership Registration Fess/Monthly Dues are non-refundable.
• Club Members must follow the Club's Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Policies and is required to insure family members and guests to likewise. Club's Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Policies may be amended, modified or eliminated at any time at the sole discretion of the Club.
Failure of the member, his or her family or guests to follow all Club Bylaws, Rules and Regulation, and Policies may result in the suspension of the Club Use Privileges or the cancellation of the Club Membership at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Membership Cards
. Membership cards are not transferable and must be returned to the Club on termination of Membership.
• Members are required to present their Membership cards at the Entrance every time they visit the Club. Members who are unable to present their Membership cards (or any other proof of Membership) may be refused entry into the facility.
• Each family member is requested to carry their Membership Card at all times when at the Club and present it on request.
• Presentation of the Membership Card is required to register to use any of the Club facilities.
• Presentation of the Membership Card is required for all purchases of Club services, including food and beverages, pro shop merchandise and activity fees.
• Report the loss or damage of any type of the Membership Card immediately to the Membership Department. A fee of R25 will be charged for a replacement card.

• Members are responsible at all times for the behaviour and acts of their guests while on Club premises.
• Members are responsible to insure that their guests follow all the Club Rules & GCCA regulations.
• Guest(s) must be accompanied by member(s) while using Sports & Recreation facilities at the club.
• Member's guest/s attendance to the Club may be restricted at the discretion of the Executive Committee and may be varied from time to time. The Club will endeavour to manage against any abuse of the ‘guest’ allowance. The names and contact details of all guests must be entered in the “Visitors Book” at the Entrance before club facility usage is granted.
• This restriction excludes Member's guest/s attending events that are publicized as "open/invitational". The spirit and intent of this rule is to maintain the exclusivity of the Club while allowing all members to entertain guest/s without disadvantaging fellow members.
• Members with a party of guests over 6 (six) persons should make a reservation in advance with the Club Manager to ensure availability and proper arrangements.

Dress With Respect To Other Members
• Appropriate attire is required throughout all areas of the Clubhouse and grounds. Club Management reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of Members' attire.
• Informal or casual dress, clean and in good repair, is approved at all times within the Clubhouse.
• Cutoffs, extremely abbreviated attire and clothing that is worn or otherwise in disrepair is not appropriate. Footwear must be worn at all times in the public areas of the Clubhouse.
• Clothing specifically designed for tennis and fitness is approved for the tennis courts.
• Proper athletic footwear with non-marking soles is required on the tennis courts.
• Shirts must be worn at all times in the clubhouse and women should wear cover-ups over bathing suits inside the Clubhouse.

Tennis Courts

• Tennis courts are available for use on a first come, first serve basis.
• League tennis has priority over social tennis. (No less than 2 Social tennis courts will always be made available)
• Club programs, lessons and events shall have priority over the daily routine schedule. (No less than 2 Social tennis courts will always be made available)
• One person may occupy a court for practicing only if there is not a demand by two (2) or more to play.
• Tennis players are permitted to have water and energy drinks for their consumption at courtside.
• Tennis courts may be closed without notice for special events.
• Only GCC Club Tennis Professionals are permitted to conduct any instruction, programs or events at the Club, unless pre-arranged for 'special programs and events' by Club. Any third party instructors will be asked to leave the Club Premises immediately.

Swimming Pools

• When no lifeguard is on duty, members and guests swim at their own risk.
• Parents must supervise their children, under age 12, at all times unless the Club has certified the same children as competent swimmers.
• Thunder and/or lightning are cause for immediate evacuation of the pool. Members should follow instructions of club staff.
• Members and guests with injuries that are protected with large bandages (or open wounds) are not permitted to bathe in any pool.
• Jumping and surface diving is only allowed in the deep end of the pool.
• No running on the pool deck.
• Everyone must shower before entering.

Soccer Field

• Soccer Field is intended to be used by Members of GCC only. Guests accompanied by members are requested to sign in the Guest Form at the Soccer Desk prior to their usage. Please always check with the Soccer Desk and the Schedule before using the pitch.
• Club programs always take precedence of Events or Individual Bookings
• Members using this pitch are at their own risk.
• Members are requested to keep this area clean and tidy. No littering of any kind is allowed, access the garbage bin nearby.
• Children under 10 years old are requested to be accompanied by an adult.
• Do not take any food or drink onto the surface of the pitch.
• Smoking or any lit fire is strictly banned.
• No glassware of any kind on the surface
• No metal-spikes boots allowed.

Kegeln (Skittles)

Kegeln is intended to be used by Members of GCC only. Guests accompanied by members are

·  Children under 10 years old are requested to be accompanied by an adult.

·  Smoking is strictly prohibited.